A Message from the Founder

Mr. Jitendra Kumar , Founder NHRO

Founder – NHRO
Social Activist from last 5 years
National Head – International Society for Olympiad (IFSO)
National Coordinator – CTIT
Director – Human Rights Development Organization (HRDO)
State Co-ordinator – NSDT


Promoting human rights is one of the core purposes of the NHRO, and the Organization has pursued this mission for the people of India.

Mr. Jitendra Kumar with Chairmen of Punjab State Body Mrs. Seema Sharma

Today, more than 60 human rights instruments constitute an international standard of human rights derived from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). It is a time for governments to ensure that the rights set forth in the international instruments are reflected in their national legislation and to move to ratify those National and international human rights treaties that may be still pending. NHRO will help people for awareness of their rights in different circumstances.

Human rights are not simply a bundle of western concepts imposed on the countries but are beyond the so-called parachute dropping of human rights into India and other countries also. Poverty, war, civil strife, nuclear proliferation, arms build-up, and other anti-people policies have jeopardized the effective realization of all human rights for all and attaining them is still a distant reality.

NHRO will work in entire India for getting and saving the human rights for people of India. So that they can understand the power of their rights.

Warm Regards,

Jitendra Kumar