The Objective for which NHRO is established are:-

A.Ensuring  basic human rights :

  • To work for ensuring that basic human rights are respected everywhere; cooperate to avoid compromising on human rights for economic or political expediency; examine the inter-dependence of and linkages between human rights and democracy, pluralism, development, ecological balance, peace and harmony; bring diplomatic and commercial pressures on regimes that violate human rights, to ensure that they respect the basic rights of their citizens; promote the role of developing societies vis-a-vis human rights.
  •  To provide facilities as per Articles 29(1), 29(2), 30(1), 30(2), 347, 350 A, 350 B of Constitution of India for Minorities.
  • To Carryout special innovative network prospects for the exclusive benefit of lower income and down toddars, in priority to Schedule, Tribes, schedule Caste, Mahadalit, Dalit, other Backward Class, and lower-income people of the higher caste.
  • To improve societies as consultants for educational matters, placement services, skill development training , schools, college, educational institutions, technical vocational and profession institutions, advance technology, scientific institutions and university.
  • To run and established schools, college, technical vocational and profession institutions, Skill Development Institutions, advance technology and scientific institutions, universities and other educational institutions as per the need.
  • To conduct research in educational fields.
  • To promote the heritage and languishing crafts practicing by Indians and to promote their Artisans by providing market platforms for their income.
  • To provide support of the specific and languishing languages practicing by the Indian including Minorities by any way and means. To connect languages with employment for their development.
  • To run, promote and support the religious institutions for their religious education and also established their board of education
  • To conducts SHGs clusters development in industries sub-sector promote the culture of saving and credit and make federation for advocacy and strategic planning.
  • To identify desirous individuals (First Generation entrepreneurs) and provide them the input vide scientific training programmed and any other suitable industry enterprise provide support in preparation on Bankable projects and provide links to banks financial institutions and other national/international funding agency.
  • To organize and conduct family planning center, marriage assistance to adolescent girls, eye camp, vaccination camp, blood donation center, pulse and polio drop distribution center, awareness camp, free health checkup center and provide wheel chairs and artificial limbs culture programmed to the handicapped people and to look after deaf and dumb people.
  •  To conduct, manage and maintain educational institutions, Health Education Centre, animals care and its Training institutions and to promote health facilities among the people and to promote research and establish facilities for Scientific investigations of drug addiction problem.
  • To provide relief measures among the affected people during the natural calamities, like flood, fire famine, draught, earthquake and cyclone and distribute free medicine food grains, cloths and provide rehabilitation center drinking water and other basic essential services.
  •  To work for the promotion and development of health awareness, sanitation, women and child welfare population control, protection of environment and organize health education facilities among the urban and rural people weaker sections of society specially minorities death, SCs, STs etc. she that they may lead a better quality of life and realize the essence of education/ freedom and reap the fruits of development.
  • The society will work for the development of rural, urban, tribal and slum area poor, helpless, deprived, old age people, women, widows, handicapped people of all communities without caste, creed or sex for all round development in the filed of education, health improvement, sanitation, cultural development, socio economic problem and problem of unemployment among the society.
  •  To contact State Govt. Central Govt, District Officer, national and International funding agencies and demand fund for the development of rural areas people.
  •  To publish, books, booklets, magazines, Newspapers, Journals, and run printing press workshop for the above purpose.
  • To manage, maintain and run different type of education institutions both technical reading rooms, common rooms, adult and non formal education centre, school, college, Awasiya Vidyalaya Residential School, Hostel both boys and girls Anganbadi and Balbadi Center, Night school, Hostel both boys and girls Anganbadi and Balbadi Center, Night school for adult people, women education center libraries for the benefit of all types of people for their moral and mental development and music centre to trained people in dance, music, play and musical instrument.
  •  To help to the meritorious students, girls scientist agriculturist who belongs to poverty line and aware people in this field.
    [XXI] To manage, maintain, run hospital, nursing home, mobile health care centre, health education and training centre, cancer hospital, leprosy center, eye camp, pulse and polio drop distribute center, blood donation camp and aware people to control AIDS, Cancer, kalazar, T.B. etc. in the society and take research and research center for this purpose. Prepare a list of different blood groups people for the purpose of blood donation.
  •  To run old age homes orphanage home for helpless handicapped, orphanage children beggar an arrange food, medical facilities and rehabilitation for the above people.
  • To run plantation programme for control for control pollution and protection of environment, help the Govt. in this field; and aware people to plant all types of tree and give knowledge and implementation of Non conventional energy, solar energy, water energy, air energy.
  •  To provide vocational training, skill training, small scale Industrial training cottage industrial training, Khadi and village Industrial training to the rural area women, unemployed youth, men, handicapped people, helpless people and widow women like sewing cutting, knitting, toy and doll making carpentry, Radio and Television making embroider candle making. Computer education and training centre, electronics training, hardware and software training accountancy training, pathology training, motor binding welding, fabrication, screen printing training for their economical development and self employment.
  • Other actives according to need of the requirement in future.


B. In the field of Human Rights :

  • To recognize democratic institutions as a fundamental human right.
  • To actively engage with the government to promote human rights education.
  •  To promote a culture for educating the citizenry that cultivation and promotion of human rights culture is the sine qua non for the smooth functioning of the organs of a democratic state and for the kind of development that results into overall development of the society.
  • To train the young men and women for facing the challenges of the pluralistic society and the rising conflicts and tensions in the name of particularistic loyalties to caste, religion, region and culture.
  •  To necessitate human rights education to evolve strategies and schemes for tackling such attitudes like employing bonded labour, practising untouchability, perpetrating sati and help members internalise more humane and egalitarian approach in their social relations.
  • To promote human rights education as a catalyst in bringing out attitudinal and social change among the management of fireworks, glass, stone crushing and related industries for reducing the prevalence of child labor in these and other hazardous industries to zero.
  •  To study and prepare reports on the violation of human rights by the state and its agencies – the police and criminal justice system inconsistent with human rights norms.
  • To work against intra-social violation of rights of the poor and weak by the dominant groups.
  • To effectively work for reducing gender inequalities, exploitations and injustices.
  • To provide legal aid and advice for the indigent and weaker sections of the society.
  • To publish books, encyclopedias, monographs, journals and directories on human rights.
  • To aid in organizing conferences, seminars, meetings, discussions, debates, study courses, the collection of statistics, exhibitions, shows, tour trips etc.
  •  To study the texts, treaties, arrangements and structures innovated by the community in the post world war period for the protection of human rights, effect of cold war on the status and functioning of various institutions and structures organized for promotion and protection of human rights.
  • To prepare case studies on the rising custodial deaths, killings in encounters and related issues for ensuring that human rights education must address the need of evolving new structures of knowledge and accountability to impart new skills and sensitivities amongst holders of State power so as to make them more responsive to the culture of human rights and values of democracy.

C. In the field of Human Resource Development :

  • To establish develop, maintain schools, open educational center, offline education centres, colleges, counseling centre for UG/PG courses, libraries, universities, laboratories, skill developments centers, competition, preparation centers, yoga and spiritual centers, sports training centers, vocational training centers, research and other institutions for the development and advancement of education and diffusion of knowledge among the public in general.
  • To establish, maintain and run studentship, scholarship and award programme and render other kind of aid to students including supply of study materials, books, stipend, medals and other incentives.
  • To Organize programme for the promotions of pre-primary education, non-formal education, computer & information technologies, leadership development, technologies, leadership development, techno-entrepreneurship development educational, infrastructure research and development, socio-scientific research, management.
  • Publish study-materials, magazine, books, information materials, and journals; produce film, T.V serials, documentaries, and audio-video cassettes on burning social, educational and scientific issues.

D. Economical & Financial Development:

  • To carry out all the planning organisation and do other relevant works for the total socio-economic development and growth of grass-root population through tie-up with financial institutions regarding Micro-finance, open private banks, Small finance, cluster-finance SHG-finance etc.


E. In the field of Health & Family welfare:

  • To undertake, establish, assist, organize or conduct the programme of research, management and infrastructure development in the field of health & family welfare.
  •  To establish, organize, run or maintain hospital, Nursing Home, Care and Care Centers, Medical education and research center in state-of-art.
  •  To undertake, organize, establish or run the medical education center, college and research center.
  • To undertake awareness, prevention, surveillance, screening, management health systems and research programmes on Maternal and Child survival, communicable diseases like Malaria, Hepatitis, Leprosy, Meningitis, HIV/AIDS, STD, T.B., Dengue, Non-communicable diseases like Cancer, Heart Diseases, Respiratory Diseases, Diabetes, Mellitus, and Injuries etc. Health insurance, Population control etc.
  • To establish and run Drug De-addiction center and undertake rehabilitation programme for drug-abuse. Also organize awareness programme for the control of drug-menace and abuse.


F. In the field of Agriculture and allied Industries Development: –

  • To conduct and undertake the research of technologies advancement, productivity enhancement, cost effectiveness technologies and methodologies in the field of agriculture, allied industries, cottage industries, veterinary and co-operatives.
  • To conduct plantation, including medicinal plant, edible oils & non-edible oils cultivation, Bio-diesel plant with the activity of oil Extraction from seeds and plant, refining the extracted oil and marketing of the oil & oil products.
  • To conduct awareness and exposition programme of appropriate and low cast technologies agriculture.
  •  Conduct the programmes to ensure nutrition security, safe food processing and standardization.
  • To conduct intensive research in the field of fisheries, aquaculture, poultry, dairying, livestock, sheep & goat, horticulture, floriculture, aromatic & medicinal plants, fruits, hybrid vegetables, mushroom etc. and land the benefit of research.
  • To carryout study, research and development activities for water management, irrigation, fertilizer, farm mechanism, and biotechnology, integrated pest management method.
  • To make the market-mechanism and even indulge in marketing activities for giving most favorable and optimum value to the farmers. To develop the infrastructure for the easy and safe delivery of agro-products. Also establish and run financial institution for the benefit of agriculture and allied industries-related people.
  • To form and patronize self help group (S.H.G) for the promotion of micro-credit and optimum financial benefit to the rural people.


G. In the field of Environment & Forest:-


  • To undertake all programmes for ensuring social accountability in conservation, preservation and control to the environment, forest, wild life.
  • To undertake awakening and intervention programmes for enforcement of environmental law, Access to environmental information, town and country planning, integrated pollution control, atmospheric pollution, waste management, water pollution, waste management, water pollution, sound pollution, exeretadisposal sedimentation and coagulation, treatment and disposal of sewage and silage, bio-gas water treatment methods and other nature conservation programmes.
  •  To organize and run special sanitation and environment protection programmes for Hospital, Fair, Places of Pilgrimage, Railway stations, Bus stands, Canteens, hotels, Industrial ergonomics.
  •  To provide awarenes campaign and consultancy for electronic waste management.
  • To put an effective mechanism to regulate generation, collection, storage, transport, import, export, recycling, treatement and disposal of e-wastes.

H. In the field of Rural Development:-


  • To promote education, training and research programmes in Rural Management and generate a Human Resource Force to settle the needs of people in rural areas.
  • To organize, conduct, sponsor, the intensive programme on Rural housing, rural finance, marketing mechanism infrastructure development, artisan promotion & development, cottage & small scale industries development, co-operative and co-operation, Integrated wasteland Development, Technology Development Extension and training programme, Investment promotion schemes for the promotion of rural infrastructure, watershed and water management and unutilized resource development programme, welfare and strengthening programme for marginal and underprivileged farmers, promotion of cost effective technologies, rural sanitation including low-cost latrines.
  • To work, associate and/or act as implementing agency in Swarn Jayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana, Samagra Awas Yojana and other developmental programme run by Government/agencies.

I. In the field of Social Justice & Empowerment:-


  • To carryout all the programmes for the relief, rehabilitation, welfare and development of women in destitute, old-aged, handicapped, street children and child labour, widow, orphan, beggar, sex-worker, schedule caste, schedule tribes, backward and other under privileged people.
  • To undertake and run the integrated programme on street children rehabilitation, juvenile Justice, adoption resource, agency, social defense, civil defense, old age home/multi service center, treatment and rehabilitation of addicts, persons with disabilities, coaching and allied assistance, construction of hostel building and other infrastructure for complete rehabilitation center, vocational training centers, women empowerment, animal welfare including the shelter contruction, stop prostitution, eradication of poverty.


J. In the field of Urban Development:-


  • To undertake, assist manage, organize the all programmes or Urban development particularly public health engineering, slum community rehabilitation and development, civic amenities and public services, town planning, master plan preparation and implementation, water and hydrometric studies, research and management, sewerage and waste management.
  • To establish and art of state center for education, training, and research in Urban Planning and development.
  •  To undertake different & effective measures for pollution & noise control awareness programme and work for its control.


K. In the field of Youth Affairs and Sports:


  •  To carry out all the programmes/projects for the awakening of national integration, communal harmony, co-operation and cooperative behavior attitude development, moral and social habit development in the youth and to ensure participation in the development of nation and humanity.
  •  To organize and install infrastructure for the promotion of sports, Yogas, meditation among youths.
  • To promote the art and culture including the development of infrastructure like audotorium, theater and other.

L. In the field of Science & Technologies and Communication & information Technologies:-

  • To Carryout all the programmes science & Technology and communication Information Technology for popularization, use and inculcation of scientific temper among the people. Also ensure the use of technologies in the field of rural development, appropriate technology, rural technologies, environment and ecology, non-conventional energy, formal education, computer education etc.
  • To organize the programme and set-up infrastructure, for the creation of techno entrepreneurship through structured training programmes and other facilitating mechanisms.
  •  To promote research development and adaptation of science and technology for improving quality of life of traditional artisans, landless labour and weaker section.


M. In the field of other programmes: –


  • To undertake, organize, investigate, participate, sponsor, conduct, the Human Right Programme including awakening of human rights, preservation of fundamental rights, Protection preservation of fundamental rights, Protection and safeguards to the victims of human rights, violations, for the freedom, dignity and peace of people. Also undertake case study, research, publications, treaties, with national and international institutions and foundation or endowment of award and prize, for effective implementation of Human Rights.
  •  To Encourage, promote or develop alternative system of medicine i.e. Homeopathy, Polypathy, Ayurveda, Yunani, Yoga, Naturopathy, Meditation, Acupressure, Acupuncture etc. Also promote preventive and curative health services.
  • To organize or conduct all of the programmes of natural disaster management and ensure relief, rehabilitation of victims and setup precautionary/pre-information mechanism of natural disaster.
  • To organize or run the programmes for the development of culture, tourism, open hotels and national memorials, natural resources management, a forestation and eco-development, environment education, environment education, environmental information system, technology up graduation/ establishment/ modernization of food processing industries, quality assurance, market survey, test marketing & brand promotion, gender issues, promotion of blood, eye and human limbs donation, promotion of Indian languages, prevention of atrocities on rural energy programme, bio-gas development programme, khadi & small scale industries promotion, administering, road safety programmes, Dharna pradarshan, social assistance programme, promotion of rural non-farm enterprises, rural and micro-financing.
  • To organize or conduct the programmes on International peace, justice and co-operation, interchanges & interaction, legal aid and protection, awareness and consciousness building against social evils, social crime, terrorism stop programme, suicide prevention, prisoner education & welfare, community-based rehabilitation programme, fighting corruption and restructuring, labour issues, value added and sustainable programmes, consumer education and protection etc.
  •  To undertake, develop, manage, arrange or organize antique show, art show, audio and video show, fashion show, magic show, thematic puppet show, charity premier show, lottery, car rally, dance events, Films and television films, fancy dress competition, fete greeting card and handicraft exhibition film shows foundation or endowment of award and prizes.
  •  And to participate in all emerging issues, whenever occurs on the national and/or international arena and to do all such other lawful acts deeds and things as incidental and conducive to the attainment of the objects or any one of them.
  •  To acquire, hold, transfer, mortgage, lease out and dispose of and otherwise deal with property of the Trust in any manner whatsoever and get loan for the fulfillment of objective of the trust.
  • To undertake, carryout, promote, sponsor, discharge, full fill, participate, collaborate, manage or organize the programmes with people’s co-operation, national and international Government and Non Government agencies and to carryout all necessary acts for the achievement of the objectives.
  • All the incomes, earnings, movable/immovable properties of the Trust shall be solely utilized and applied towards the promotion of its Aims and objects only as set forth in the deed of the Trust and no profit thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividends, bonus, profits or in any manner whatsoever to the present or the past member of the Trust or to any person claiming through any one or more of the present or the past members. No members of the Trust shall have any personal claim on any movable or immovable properties of the Trust or make any profits, whatsoever, by virtue of trustee.
  • To accept loan, Grant-in-aid, donation (Either in cash or kind), Subsidy or other assistance lawfully, either from National and/ or International agencies for the attainment of the objective of the trust.
  • To undertake, organize, investigate, participate, sponsor, the human right programmes including awakening of human rights, preservation of fundamental rights, protection & safeguards to the victims of human rights violations, for the freedom, dignity and peace of the people. Also, undertake study, research, publications, treaties with national and international institutions and award programmes, for the effective implementation of Human Rights.
  •  To Set motion and play a proactive role in giving direction for a quiet social movement/revolution for socio-economical, educational, cultural, scientific, technical, financial, ethical prosperity and take spearheaded initiative or spread the gain or prosperity in the benefit of throughout masses of world of living creature.